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The members of The Order of the Cross are dedicated to living a life of compassion and follow a pacifist and vegetarian or vegan way of life. The Fellowship offers support and encouragement to all who would embrace its Aims and Ideals.

The Order of the Cross was founded in 1904. The founder of this informal Fellowship, John Todd Ferrier, brought through a recovered Message of Love, Peace, Joy and Hope using the spoken and written word. The Teachings contained in the Message are universal in their scope, revealing the oneness of life and the unity of all religious aspirations. They show that many of the Christian teachings are mystical and allegorical in nature.

Members have all been inspired by the writings of the Founder, John Todd Ferrier (see Quotations) and the main purpose of the Fellowship is to offer support and encouragement to all who would embrace its Aims and Ideals.

The Fellowship seeks to achieve this purpose through:

a)  meditations, worship services and meetings where the writings of John Todd Ferrier are read and studied in an atmosphere conducive to spiritual aspiration and healing and

b)  the publication, sale and distribution of the literature that contains the Founder’s writings (referred to as the ‘Teachings’).

As there is a very informal structure it is members who minister at meditations or worship services and who lead times for the study and greater understanding of the Teachings. These are usually in members’ homes in various locations in the United Kingdom, North America and Australasia

Similar activities are also organised periodically at gatherings, which are often residential and arranged to take place at retreat centres.  The programmes include opportunities for Creativity (music, dance, photography, painting and creative writing) as well as informal fellowship. Families with children also attend some of these gatherings.


There are many who live such a life with great integrity but do not seek membership, and they are always welcomed as a part of the global family of the Fellowship.

Equally, those who have studied these Teachings, and wish to make an inner commitment to live in accordance with the way of life that they promote, may choose to become members of the Order of the Cross.

For any further information please contact us at light@orderofthecross.org

The following were written by John Todd Ferrier and are a guide for all members of the Order of the Cross.

Aims & Ideals

Foundation Statement