The Order of the Cross Books

Ezekiel’s message concerns the spiritual history of the Planet, its relationship to the Divine World and the process of its restoration to its one-time pristine estate.

The prophecy opens with the transcendent vision from the Apocalypse wherein are beheld the Four Living Ones and the Wheels within Wheels. In the re-interpreted prophecy it is shown that the Apocalyptic vision corresponds directly to the Inner life of each Soul who seeks God, by whatever name. It is to these Souls that Ezekiel speaks. They are those of all races and creeds who seek to rekindle the Divine vision within themselves. In the prophecy they are called Israel, no earthly race, but men and women who recognise the Divine call, and through many lives have followed ways of simplicity, purity and compassion in service. They are the seekers of Truth in all things and to them Ezekiel calls.

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