The Order of the Cross Books

Prior to the Manifestation by the Master known as Jesus Christ, there were many Prophets of whom Isaiah was one. All the prophetic writings in the Old Testament are cryptic. They often present the Eternal One in terms contrary to the ways of Divine Love, ascribing human failings to the Divine World.

In this volume the text of Isaiah is re-interpreted with many profound and illuminating notes. The main themes of the prophecy are explained in the accompanying text which forms the major portion of the book. From it we learn that Isaiah’s message and the later teachings of the Master are one.

The prophecy is addressed to those who can recognise it as that which they once knew, but had forgotten. It is a clarion call to Israel, not an earthly race, but those who embodied Issa-Ra-El, the presence within them of the Living Flame and Radiance of the Lord Presence. Isaiah appeals to them to awaken and arise in consciousness to reclaim their spiritual inheritance.

The narrative removes events from local and geographical constraints. It is a story of the Eternal World and its ministry to this planet through great ages.

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