The Order of the Cross Books

This is the second of two volumes concerned with the infinite spiritual realms to be found within us. These teachings restate the traditional Christian message in a way which reveals its essential spirituality and shows it to be universal in scope. The subject matter is frequently Biblical in its terminology although the message it reveals is cosmic in nature and applies to all life. Here one will find many church events, festivals, practices and history reinterpreted and shown to be earthly manifestations of Divine events within the Soul. All of these manifestations are resident within us as truths to be restored, for we learn that all Souls have had many lives, and these truths, which are lodged in our spiritual memory, may be recovered if we seek the life of which they speak.

Among the subjects so examined are Corpus Christi, the Sabbath, Pentecost, Advent, the Seven Sacraments, the mystery of Prayer and the ministry of Angels. Other themes are also explored such as Science and Religion, and the significance to us of the Zodiac. The essential truth of these is of the innermost, to be found, recovered in consciousness, and made manifest in lives full of compassion to all living things.

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