The Order of the Cross Books

The chief sayings of the Master, known as Jesus Christ, are presented here in a new version. They will be of deep interest to seekers for spiritual truth. The author makes no claim to academic authority, nevertheless the book is a work of great scholarship. There are significant variations from traditional texts, all of them consistent with the book’s purpose, which is to show that the Master’s teaching revealed a way of life completely pure, imbued with compassion for all creation and full of the healing power of Divine Love. The sayings, however simple, are profound, because they speak of the eternal verities which have correspondences within every soul, of whatever race or creed.

There are many levels of truth to be gradually uncovered as the seeker pursues the path indicated, for a living truth can only be known in the degree to which it is embodied. It is thus that the seemingly outer stories as given are shown to be allegories symbolic of that which is universal and transcendent. Detailed notes accompanying the text help the reader to appreciate this. The book concludes with the re-interpreted text of the Apocalypse and with comprehensive indexes.

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