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The Mystery of the Light Within Us contains addresses given by the author at a Summer School for members of the Order of the Cross. All those present were familiar with the principles of such teaching, and he was thus able to speak to those at the gathering in greater depth.

Featured in the book are reproductions of remarkable water-colour paintings by Amy Todd Ferrier. These represent her inner visions of the Light shed within and around the Soul in different states of attainment and service. Their meaning is interpreted by the author.

The Light referred to is produced by the Spirit, or Life-stream, as it interfuses and irradiates the substance of which the inner vehicles are formed. As Light, it becomes seven-fold, and speaks a language of its own, though related to all other manifestations of the Spirit. To those who can perceive much is interpreted, for that Light varies in purity, intensity and direction for service. Around the Soul is becomes a rainbow, or aura, a natural manifestation of spiritual energy.

The reader will find revelations of spiritual states and processes which remain the same in principle because they are always true, yet become even more radiant in their purity as the Soul learns obedience to the Divine Law within.

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