‘To dance is to find freedom and to send one’s Soul winging towards the Heights….to dance is to lose oneself and become part of the great Universe.’

Meg Wilkins


Natural Movement Dancing is a vehicle of the spirit. It prepares our bodies, minds and spirits collectively and individually to be used by a Power greater than ourselves. Based on the Cross each movement unifies and awakens inner principles. Dancers learn balance, grace, rhythm, design and freedom of movement.


Natural Movement Dancing prepares our bodies to be receptive vehicles for inspiration to manifest outward expression. The dancer finds that each gesture we make, each step we take, and everything we touch becomes centrally poised guiding us to move gracefully through life. Instead of making movement we become moved through self-abandonment.


Those who have shared in our dancing weeks have stated ‘you cannot help loving the people you dance with’. There is an indescribable feeling of unification. We all become one and each individual adds to the whole learning to move with one another and just as important to move by ourselves. It is a lesson for life, it is Life itself, dancing before the Heavens awakening and refining our potential as His Children.