We read in the writings of John Todd Ferrier how:
‘… music changes the atmosphere… it changes it speedily even as it does within the heart, within the mind, within the very Soul in its motion. Music is redeeming. For you cannot receive vibrations of the Divine World without being stimulated, nourished, uplifted and enriched.’

‘To live your Life truly before Him, makes music.’

Love Ye One Another [01m 10s]

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Music, the Great Enlivener 

From time to time, one is reminded of the extraordinary power of music to enliven and refresh the Soul. Of many such instances three immediately come to mind. Following a morning’s teaching a number of colleagues were seated in the common room, looking to relax and reenergise themselves with coffee. A member of the music department entered and by contrast with the others was clearly sparkling with vitality. He had spent the morning working with the departmental choir. The rehearsal had gone well and he was overjoyed with the result. Rubbing his hands with delight he exclaimed: ‘Ah Music! It feeds the spirit.’

A television programme presented many years ago by the late Bernard Levin celebrated the 80th birthday of the pianist Arthur Rubinstein who looked and sounded what he then was, a very elderly man….until that is, he sat at the piano and began to play. A remarkable transformation took place. He appeared to be suddenly infused with a wonderful and youthful energy. I was reminded of that event when reading a tribute to the conductor Vernon Handley, which, following his passing, appeared in the Independent in September 2008.

‘At the rehearsal for his last appearance with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra a remarkable thing happened. Handley came on to the stage, walking slowly on his two sticks. He got to the rostrum, picked up the baton – and suddenly he was the old Handley again, all traces of infirmity seeming to fall away as he conducted.’

written by RR

Let all the Earth keep Silence [00m 47s]

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.Language has music, rhythm, phrasing and harmony as much as music itself does. It speaks to us on many levels and we in turn use it on many levels. The daily humdrum of life, our communications with each other and the world, all these necessary practicalities are addressed in our own individual way. We listen and respond as required in any given situation, and we hope that our choice of words is productive in the way that we would wish.

The outer use of language has its correspondence when it comes to matters of the spirit, and the consideration and expression of those things that relate to the inner life.

John Todd Ferrier frequently laments that the poverty of language prevents the fuller understanding of great spiritual realities, and he touchingly apologises for his own lack of ability in this regard. What is a miracle to all of us, and a matter of real gratitude, is just how eloquent he himself is in his sublime use of language as he ‘breaks the bread’ for each one of us, thus leading us gently on the path of increasing understanding and realization of the Divine Idea.

Many enlightened poets and writers have a portion of this gift and help bring through aspects of the Divine Idea as seen from their personal view-point. The metaphysical poets seem to me to be special souls with particular qualities that enable them to link the seen with the unseen. The economy of their use of words makes their writings even more potent.
Written by JP