ADVENT                        (Taken from The Divine Renaissance Volume 2)

“We are in the season of Advent. The Advent is associated with Divine Manifestation. The Manifestation, glimpsed in so far as it can be through the histories, is associated with the coming of Him Who came to be known in the western world as Jesus Christ the Lord. In this season there is great anticipation. There is always a quickened motion during Advent, though it is largely manifest on the outer in relation to the materialistic aspects which men and women associate with the Manifestation.

 The anticipation heralds the day of the commemoration of the Advent or coming of the LORD. It is of the annual events and comes year by year. Its procession has been through the ages. Yet the glory its celebration has been supposed to shed, has left the world much as it found it. Certainly the world is far from being healed, though the message was supposed to heal all Souls.

 The season of Advent is considered to be a time for great rejoicing. No doubt the people do rejoice after their fashion, and in the degree in which they are able to enter into the traditional life of the west. Yet, whilst there doth seem joy and mirth even to hilarity, it is a season strangely marked and full of a mockery that is accompanied by the acts and the cries of tragedy.

 It is a season of supposed exultation when the Being ascends to hear the Angelic Song repeated, and to join in that Song of Hope and Triumph. Yet it is the season of the darkest time of the year, for the atmosphere becomes heavy with the fumes begotten of riotous living.

 It is supposed to be a commemorative season, a commemoration of the coming of the Prince of Peace, and a joining in the song of the Angel of the LORD who heralded the Message of Peace to the world. And yet, whilst the songs are sung within the sanctuaries, and chorale expositions of them doubtless given in public, there goes on a great warfare against the creatures. There is the inhuman slaughter of them, for they are compelled to lay down their lives in order to make the carnival of Christmas a success for the children of the west. The inhumanity of man towards the creatures stands revealed at the season of Advent-…………….-Such is the amazing preparation throughout the western world for the celebration of that season which should bring real rejoicing and exultation and commemoration, compassion and pity, and Love triumphant. Is it any wonder that amidst such mockery and tragedy the Message the Master is supposed to have given to the world, has seemed to fail?-………………….- But you must understand that that term which has come to have merely an earthly meaning, has something far farther reaching in its meaning than could be held within the confines of human thought in relation to human embodiment. For Incarnation signifies the coming into the Flesh. Therefore, it means the becoming formulate of someone in the higher spheres for embodiment. But wheresoever there is embodiment there is also that which corresponds to what is humanly understood as Flesh. There is the Substance that takes fashion through the motion of the Eternal Breath.

 For a little time, in order that it may be more clearly set forth what is meant by the Advent upon the Earth, let us pass from these planes into the Inner Realms. Come up all who can (and all can in some degree come up), and, as far as you are able, witness something of the Incarnation process within the Divine World itself. For the LORD HIMSELF doth come first as a Breath. The LORD is not a man. HE is not an Angel. HE is not even an Archangel. HE is neither Cherubim nor Seraphim. But all Cherubim and Seraphim, Archangels and Angels, and all HIS children called Human Children, are expositions of HIS glorious Mystery. They are meant to be embodiments of HIS Love and radiators of the Light of that Love as Wisdom.                

 Even in the Divine World the LORD (except for purposes of manifestation unto many) does not assume what is called the anthropomorphic form, the fashion of the Human Realm. HE is all perfect form; and HE can make manifest through all, according to the realm of the manifestation, and the sphere of that realm, and the degree of the manifestation required.

 Now when the Angels of the Innermost Spheres celebrate the Advent, they celebrate the becoming of the Sacred Mystery in their presence, the making of it manifest in some concrete form unto their vision. For they behold the LORD through that vision. They receive HIM in HIS coming to them, through that vision. HE is in all the motion of the Inner Worlds.

 That which Cherubim and Seraphim represent, HE is. Yet HE is greater than they; but they do represent HIS motion. Where the Soul sees HIM in vision, HE is as Radiance; HE is Divine Splendour; HE is in concrete Embodiment. HE takes the fashion known as ADONAI. HE thus becomes supremely the highest Angelic embodiment in the Divine World; and the Soul sees HIM and receives from HIM.

Here we must pause to let the yearning of our Being express itself. O glorious World! O Transcendent Vision beyond revealing through language or pictorial and symbolical representation, capable alone of interpretation through the motion of the Being as the Soul endeavours to make the vision concrete within itself, and make of it a living factor! For Vision is useless unless it becomes potency unto us and within us. And, in this way, even those in the Inner Worlds enter into ever increasing states of realization; for there, there seems no end to the profundity of the Realization of the Sublime Mystery.”

                                                Taken from The Divine Renaissance Volume 2