The Cross

The Cross is the most sacred sign in the universe, and is a symbolic expression of the sublimest Mystery of Being.
Divine Renaissance Volume 1
page 13

It expresses the great mystery of perfect balance. It reveals the Holy Mystery that is always hidden in itself and is only made manifest in formulation in embodiment. It speaks of the dual Streams of the Divine Mystery, the one positive, and the other negative; the one the projecting force, the other the indrawing, the holding, balancing power.
Herald of the Cross Volume 19
page 46-47

* * *

The Cross is in us as a glorious Symbol. It has upon it the Signature of God; His Name is written in us. We do not make ourselves; our Mystery is His; He is our Arche; He is the Principle of our Being; He is also all that we could ever attain to of nobility, of beauty, of potency, of glory. He is the Amen, the Fullness of all things.

We are built like a World, with corresponding Principle, Magnetic Poles, Planes, Lifestream charged with Divine Potency. We are Microcosms of the Universe. If it were not so, we could never understand the Stars. If we were not Microcosms of the Macrocosmic Cross, we could never come into the knowledge of Him by the divine and glorious path of Realization. The fact that His Mystery is in us, enables us to grow up into the consciousness of His Mystery, not only manifested throughout the Celestial Universe, but moving within ourselves, towards a time of most blessed realization when we shall know Him as He is. Look at the meaning of it! To know Him as He is; to know His Holy Mystery!
Herald of the Cross Volume 19
page 53-54

* * *

The Cross, claimed by the West, very specially claimed by the West (though in the far East it is held sacred also, and is used as an occult sign and symbol even in the heart of India; and also found exposition, in so far as the priesthood and the teachers knew of it, in ancient Egypt and in ancient Greece), has come to be associated with tragedy; it has come to have almost its beginning and its ultimate in the Cross of Calvary as interpreted by the Western world’s religious teachings. The Cross is associated only with crucifixion; though you cannot dissociate it from the state of sacrifice, for the Cross is in God. Nay, the Cross speaks of the Father-Mother. It speaks of the Divine Love in its positive outflow and immeasurable giving.

…It speaks of the outflow of a Love that is as a mighty river bearing away at last all obstruction, healing everything that has been wounded as it flows, yet ever speaking of that exquisite balance and sublime exaltation of Being for which the transvex sector stands. God never descends, except by means of the streams of His Love, beneath the realm of His Supreme Majesty where He is in all things regnantly expressed and embodied. So that when Souls find Him they have to find Him by following the stream of His Love back to the Centre whence it flows. For there is no other way of knowing God. It is only by means of that Love. It speaks of all things, it filleth all things, it endureth all things, it covereth all things, it interfuses all things, it vitalizes all Being, all life wheresoever its streams flow.
Herald of the Cross Volume 27
page 77-79


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